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 John Edwin is an experimental folkmusician and songwriter from Östersund. He mostly performs solo and entertains his audience with banjo, guitar, fiddle, and flatfootingaccompaniment. John Edwin & the Banjodasha Hillbillies Upcoming album Divine life of Punarvasu contains folk/country music driven by Banjo and electric guitar. Poetry from a Divine kingdom where the headcharacter John Pigeonpose seeking for Moksha in the footsteps of Bill Monroe. Music mixed up in a grassy oldfashioned style.

Nytt album ! Release November2020

New album 7 november.
Divine life of Punarvasu  John Edwin and the Banjodasha Hillbillies

Divine life of Punarvasu is a country/folk album written by John Edwin with a unique sound created by fretless banjo and electric guitar. The lyrics often contains a spiritual theme and sometimes refers to astrological terms and Yoga philosofy. The albums eleven tracks are based on the sixth song ” Can I ever reach Moksha when I cannot reach my toe " where the word Moksha ( sprirual enlightment ) is mentioned in the same phrase as the father of bluegrass Bill Monroe.


John Edwin & the Banjodasha Hillbillies sjätte veckan veckan på P4a toppen.

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