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c/o Peter Danielsson
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John Edwin

oldtime country & folkmusic, banjo & flatfoot entertainment 

John Edwin entertainment is run by the musician, actor, songwriter and flatfootdancer Peter Danielsson from Östersund in Sweden. He was born and raised in Målilla from the south part of Sweden and begun to pick guitar at the age of eight.Today he work as a musician/entertainer in different constellations. He´s a member of the bluegrassband the Blue mountain boys and the travelling theatercompany Friteatern.

John Edwin is acoustic music on banjo/guitar and flatfootaccompaniment with strong influences of folkmusic/country/bluegrass. He`s the stagecharacter of the storytellingshow "John Edwins onemanvaudeville" a monologue he wrote in 2010 included music such as Mississippi John Hurt, MerleTravis, Woody Guthrie and Townes van Zandt for example. John Edwin has been nominated by the ”All Music of Indie Award” in the categories ” best singer songwriter and best folk acoustic artist.

 John Edwin's recently released EP, ”Long Way To Heaven”, is a great compilation of country and folk songs full of meaning and truth. John's music will move you in a spiritual way, and you'll find yourself contemplating life what awaits you on the other side of this physical existence of ours. The project's most thought provoking song is the title track, "Long Way To Heaven", which addresses how tough it can be to do the good and right things in life sometimes.The main chorus line sums up the message in the song when John sings, "It's a long way to Heaven, and it's a short road to hell." John didn't leave any stone unturned on this song either, which is evident in the tunes 8 minute running time.

The music is driven by the acoustic guitar bringing forth that classic folk sound we've come to know from greats like Bob Dylan. This is a good song that I'd recommend to folk music fans. Other engaging songs on this EP include: ”Never Let Your Smile Become A Mask”, ”Life Is Just Another Side of Death”, and ”Feather In The Storm”. Each of these songs embody all of the elements of great folk music making for a pretty good project. Overall, I think John Edwin could easily establish himself as Sweden's own Bob Dylan and build up a legendary status for his music. Check this guy out if you're a fan of folk music, I'm sure you'll find John's songs to be worth your time. MUSICAL GOAL:

” If I could dance like D Ray white, write songs like Bob Dylan and perform them like John Hartford I would be satisfied !

Peter Danielssons words about John Edwin :

- John Edwin`s not a traditional folkmusician. He´s an artist. He´s my selfportrait ! A portrait I´m working on each day. He´s a lifelong project, I guess. Each video´s a new painting. He´s body, soul...and my instrument taking our times temperature. I´ll ask him things – He´ll answer. Diffrent answers/diffrent days ! - I'm deeply influed by folkmusic ! I´m using folkmusic and letting it become a part of my art.

- You're always a product of the past and your dreams. I'm not taking action for or against. I'm trying to combine diffrent worlds . Introduce them to each other, let them say hello and discover themselfes That's how I work. There're always someone standing there telling you whats right or wrong. I'm not here to please anyone ! What I'm doing is the work of an artist and what I must do: working on a painting happened to be called: John Edwin
World's rapidely changing. What I'm doing tomorrow: I don't know. But what I know is that John Edwin`s still gonna dance and sing for you !








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